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Choosing Water Filter Bottles that Work for You!

Jan 22, 2014
Best Whole House Water Filter

However, according to Joe E. Heimlich in an article in the "New York Times," water filter bottles disposing of the filters is much less harmful to the environment than plastic bottles for bottled water. Portable Personal Water Filters and Water Bottles provide clean safe drinking water on the go no matter where you are - in the office, in the car, or backpacking.. You see, since many people simply keep buying bottled water as opposed to drinking tap water, with a filter you only have to get one. With all the warnings today about drinking your water from disposable plastic water bottles, these reusable water bottles here, with individual built-in filters, provide a viable alternative.

Water bottle filling stations are for people who want water filter bottles easy access to clean, better-tasting drinking water, to re ll their bottles quickly or reduce the amount of plastic bottles discarded on campus. For lots years people have considered drinking from the taps with a filter safe, but more and more consumers start drinking bottled water. And when you consider that most tap water is safe to drink in the U.S., you can save an additional $235 per year by skipping bottles and filters entirely, bringing the total annual drinking water cost for a family of four down to just $1.10. However, differences in water may occur when you consider that some municipal supplies do not meet standards of safety and quality, and others may contain foul odors and smells while still testing at safe levels for consumption.

Today it is common to see a home with under sink water filters, water filter bottles drinking water filters or a bottled water system to provide clean and safe water for drinking. Everyone has a right to clean drinking water, but it is probably safe to say most of us are not as keen on damaging the environment to get it. Making the transition to a whole house water filter does not only offer you better quality of life, but in the long run will reduce the amount of plastic added to the environment, not to mention saving millions a year on the cost of transporting bottled water to your home. The bottled water industry is a multi-billion dollar industry but do you believe the water in those bottles is a safer more economical option than a good quality home water filter that gives you more control of the quality of your drinking water for a fraction of the cost?

Even though millions of Americans drink bottled water,.. Wood has a reverse osmosis system that filters the tap water in her home,.. Multiple Applications- These filters and purifiers make water so clean and water filter bottles accessible that people will not only use the filtered/purified water for drinking, but also for cleaning, bathing, cooking, watering plants and more. As the name suggests, these water filtration bottles have a cleaning system which means that the water that you take from them, even if it is from a contaminated source, is safe to drink Such bottles are very handy in times of disasters when water sources may be compromised and also for people who like to hike or camp.

I want to say this, if you didn't go to springs your other options look like drinking surface or ground water, in other words water from rivers or streams, going to tap, water filter bottles municipal water, or drinking bottled water. We love the simple looking bottle, the color choices, the way the process and origin of the water is spelled out in layman's terms so we can sound like we know what we are talking about when describing it to other people (perhaps defending it against our go-green bpa free, reusable bottle drinking counterparts), the large bottles they come in, and of course the sarcastic and condescending tone used by whoever writes the comments on the bottle, commonly perceived as down to earth” or witty (Of course, they must assume, anyone buying this expensive bottled water must be stupid and therefore talked to like a 2nd grader). Not to be confused with ceramic filters which use a pumping action and are designed to filter lake and river water for hikers, a water bottle filter requires nothing more than gravity and a slight squeeze to push the water through the filter and provide clean, pure drinking water.

But one of the biggest drawbacks to water filter bottles drinking bottled water is the waste that all those plastic bottles create. The 28 oz. Seychelle Standard and Advanced Water Filtration Flip Top Bottles are the modern day answer to clean, great-tasting drinking water for the active lifestyle. Bottled water uses fossil fuels in the making, filling, transporting, and recycling of plastic water bottles…up to 187 gallons of oil are spent!

Just refill the bottle every time and let the water filter bottles filter do the further job of providing you with clean and safe drinking water. Brace your ears to hear that the water filled in these bottles, most times, is normal tap water provided by municipal drinking water sources and not from any protected sources termed as spring, purified or mineral water. By simply putting any tap water into the water bottle with a filter you can have clean, portable drinking water.

There are also water bottles with filters that filter non-potable water; this is very popular for people who love to travel to places where clean water is inaccessible. Water, water filter bottles packaged in plastic bottles for drinking refers to bottled water. House water filters offer you the safety in the tub that the best drinking water filters or bottled water system will not.

The NewAir WAT10W 3 Gallon Pure Spring Top Loading Water Bottle with a Carbon Filter keeps your water filter bottles water dispenser full by filtering your tap water, allowing you to enjoy clean, fresh-tasting water without spending money buying water bottles. Filter water bottles therefore do away with the need to chemically treat or boil non-potable water, which are the old methods of accessing drinking water in remote parts of the world. - Do you believe bottled water is the best option for safe drinking water or filtered water?

When someone asks me the question, which water filter bottles is best for our health, Bottled Water or Filtered Water, the answer is clear: water filtered through a high quality water filter system is by far the safest, healthiest and the least expensive option. When drinking bottled water became trendy it spawned a Multi-Billion Dollar industry duping the public into believing they are getting a safer option than drinking our tap water. Have you been wondering which is the healthiest option for your drinking water needs, Bottled Water or Filtered Water?

I used to water filter bottles drink bottled water all the time, until I found out about the amount of waste was piling up, the chemicals in the plastics, and that it was tap water. If you're having an event like a company picnic in a public park, you may need to bring in bottled water rather than make all 200 people wait in line for the one tap that's available for drinking water. The best thing we can do is avoid bottled water (you shouldn't re-use those store-bought plastic bottles for drinking anyway).

In addition to providing you clean water for drinking, they can also provide potable water for cooking and washing, water filter bottles something most filtered bottles won't do. Since he is only drinking from already potable sources, any of the lower-priced filter bottles designed for use with tap water will work to take out any bad flavors, odors, and eliminate more common microorganisms. I even fill about 6 bottles from by drinking water filter and leave in the refrigerator and instead of grabbing a store bought bottled water I grab one of my own bottled waters with water acquired through my drinking water filter.